The Media


“Our entire team has a high media IQ.” 

The advertising world has its own language, community and government. It’s a world of its own. Keeping up with media trends on a national and local level is vital.  Our reputation for knowing the media business inside and out is what sets us apart.  Our staff consists of experienced media people who wanted to see the advertising business from a new perspective. To find new and better ways to serve their client without allegiance or obligation to one source of media.

"Buying powerful is our motto."

Whoever said knowledge is power had it exactly right. You have to know your product, your target and your objective to achieve a successful result. Solid ideas and strong negotiations are the backbone of every advertising campaign.

 Buying powerful allows us to expand the basic media plan and increase its reach with “added value.”  After the money is spent we’re still working. Finding local events, community projects and sometimes creating our own special events to strengthen our media plan.  Using unique ways to generate more interest in our client’s campaign.